Black Ops First Strike Ascension Release 3 Years On

WOw 3 years since we saw the first map pack released this very time 3 years back, i know i know its not World at War where some of us started out but hey this is where zombies changed got interesting and fixated a lot of new inbound fans to the likes of the wacky ways treyarch decide to treat us (mean treyarching came later)  to new everlasting experiences which i guess still lives on, well maybe not so much now in the public domain but Ascension being one of the fun all round maps for beginners and the experienced to literally rape the shit out it to round 200+.
Its amazing how this map is still being explored and new strats to play the map faster still oozing out 3 years on. I guess it stood the test of time and many variations of amazing feats achieved on community challenges will bamboozle any.

But thats now what once was 3 years back was a completely different experience the shock that monkeys came crashing in pods from the sky, Holy Shit Black & White… tingle tingle ..

What do you remember from your first experience in playing this were you waiting with 3 other zombie freaks hours before it was released? (Sadly i waited a month later for PS3 release :()

Share it with us in the comments section
February 1, 2011 for Xbox 360
March 3 for PS3
March 25 for PC]

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