Why am i not on any leaderboards here?
This is not an automatic system and we are not linked to Activision’s leaderboards system. We take video submissions and appropriate them accordingly to the relevant standings met by our rules section. We do not hunt around for records, you or someone on your behalf must make a submission

How do i make a submission?
On the left of every page you will see a clickable “Menu” select “Submit” which will direct you to the submissions section or alternatively you can Click Here

How do i remove one of my records from the website?
To remove a record from the website, the video that is attached to the record needs to be removed / deleted. Our link bot will then detect it and will remove the record within 48 hours.

I submitted a record why is it not showing up in the relevant standing?
This is because it is a manually process, a team member will go through your submission(s) in accordance to the rules. Process can take up to 7 days depending on the case

I made a submission but it is not on the relevant standing nor have i been contacted
Please email support@zombierecords.com we suggest that before contacting us to make sure you have abided by the set rules before presenting your case

I was on a leaderboard but now i’m not, why is this? i’m also still present currently on others, did i do something wrong?
No you have not done anything wrong, our link bot scans the website from any dead video links daily. Videos with dead links (Deleted / Private / Copyright issues) get removed so if you were already verified we will reinstate your position provided that a new video is sent to us. please email support@zombierecords.com with your new link

Hey i noticed some people didn’t provide Full Gameplay, why are they allowed to but i’m not?
This is not the case. The system for the Rules and how we accepted submissions has always been progressive and changing so you may have come across some videos where full gamplay for that specific challenge was not a set rule at the time, also to note some people like to provide a compilation video of their rank and in their description will outline the relevant full gameplay, where as others may not display it publicly so you may have to ask the individual privately to show their full gameplay for you. As it stands for all lbs from December 06, 2014 onwards we require full gameplay and without it no one is added.
Here are some key dates of Full Gameplay changes:
Solo Only: January 22, 2014
Solo & Co-Op Only: August 13, 2014
All Leaderboards: December 06, 2014

How do i get my twitch stream featured on ZombieRecords?
Impress us. We have team members always scouting twitch streams, regardless if you’re starting up or well known, if they like it they will feature it and notify you

Any inquires can be sent to support@zombierecords.com