Active: January 27th, 2015 - Present

Full Gameplay MUST Be Provided Across All Leaderboards

Game from round 1 - ∞ (Start to Finish) must meet 1 of these requirements to be considered for legitimacy purposes

Standardised Rules

    1. Full Gameplay Required
    2. Rounds MUST be played in full.
    3. A round is only reached when visible on screen
    4. Video quality MUST be 360p+ (if cam shot: screen must be clearly visible).
    5. No glitches or exploits are allowed.
    6. Use of MODs that give an advantage are forbidden.
    7. Custom Camos are allowed and backwards speed can be equivalent to console (90 FOV max).
    8. Must play with in designated map (CANNOT be untouchable).
    9. Split screen for WaW, bo1, bo2, and IW is only accepted for Co-Op Challenges, Co-Op Speed Runs(no pausing during speed run) and regular Co-Op with 3 or 4 players. Black Ops 3 split-screen can play for any Co-Op leaderboard.
    10. LAN Co-Op is accepted.
    11. Window holding is PERMISSIBLE for breaks (Co-Op).
    12. NO duplicate wonder weapons.
    13. 2 Weapons ONLY (3 Max where Mule Kick is accessible).
    14. Insta-kill rounds are LEGAL.
    15. Private / Custom Open games are ONLY acceptable with these conditions:
      1. Must be played from round 1 and on Original difficulty.
      2. Max # of reconnects allowed varies, please refer to the rules above the leaderboard you are playing for (you must reconnect in the same disconnected round).
      3. Do not start next round without player(s) spawning onto the map
      4. Pausing the game for sleepers and long breaks are allowed. [Addition Active: April 26, 2015]
    16. No upatching maps unless specified in the Rules above the leaderboard.
    17. Speed Runs - No Raygun allowed off the wall.
    18. IF you are playing a Co-Op game with someone that is banned from ZR, it will NOT be accepted by ZR.
    19. Black Ops 3 submissions require the lobby to be shown before launching map, when playing with gobblegum.
    20. Black Ops 3 Round Robbin and Near Death Experience gobblegums are not allowed for any ZR leaderboard.
    21. One Window Only Strats are not allowed for any ZR leaderboard.