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BO3: Zombie Chronicles leaderboards are now live.
BO3: The Power Vacuum GobbleGum has been banned.
IW: Using the infinite card glitch is not allowed, The Irish Luck Card will be considered a Fortune Card.
BO3: Abusing ammo with the Aftertaste GobbleGum is not allowed.
The Near Death Experience GobbleGum has been banned.
Infinite Warfare: Remember to make sure the cards and scene number is clearly visible during gameplay and not covered by webcams or overlays.
One window only strats are no longer allowed.
Black Ops 3 - Make sure to show the lobby before launching the map. Round Robbin GobbleGum has been banned and will not be accepted.
Minimum rounds to submit are: Solo (60+ rounds), Co-Op (40+ rounds) and the majority of Challenges need a minimum of 15 rounds.
ZR's Discord Server: Text and Voice Chat Rooms - Join Here
Latest Records
BO3: Verruckt - No Jug (No GobbleGum)
achieved Round 29
BO3: Shangri-La - No Revive (Mega GobbleGum)
achieved Round 24
BO3: Origins - First Room (Classic GobbleGum Only)
achieved Round 17
BO3: Gorod Krovi - No Revive (Classic GobbleGum Only)
achieved Round 20
BO3: Gorod Krovi - No Jug (Classic GobbleGum Only)
achieved Round 44
BO3: Nacht Der Untoten - No Revive (Mega GobbleGum)
BO3: Verruckt - First Room (Classic GobbleGum Only)
achieved Round 15
BO3: Shi No Numa - No Revive (Classic GobbleGum Only)
BO3: Origins - EE Speedrun (Classic GobbleGum Only)
BO3: Kino Der Toten - First Room (Mega GobbleGum)